I'm Lise Greil, a self-taught photographer in Indianapolis, Indiana with a style that tells a story and captures natural moments and expressions.  I photograph people, pets, events and anything that catches my eye, from day-to-day discoveries in my city to the wildlife in my backyard.

I have a deep fondness for photographing animals and have donated my time as a shelter photographer for several years to the Humane Society of Indianapolis and other related nonprofits in the Indianapolis area. Making a difference for animals will always be a priority for me. 

In addition to sharing my photography, other joys include long walks with my much loved collie dog, gardening, vacations at the beach, and dreaming of new places to travel. 


My husband and I (and our adorable collie, Ben) have decided to uproot and start a new life on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina at the end of April, 2018.  After living my entire life in Indiana it's time to try something new.  Thanks to everyone in Indianapolis for their kindness, encouragement and support.